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We connect top nursing talent with premier healthcare institutions, enriching lives through exceptional healthcare relationships. Explore the power of our global network today.

Temporary Staffing

Discover immediate, flexible solutions with our Temporary Staffing services. We connect you with pre-vetted, highly qualified nurses for short-term placements, ensuring uninterrupted, quality care when you need it most.

permanent placement

Secure long-term success with our Permanent Placement services. We help you find, vet, and hire skilled nurses who align with your healthcare institution’s needs and culture, paving the way for enduring quality care.

relocation facilitation

Ease your transition with our Relocation Facilitation services. We guide international and domestic nurses through the relocation process, ensuring a smooth journey from their home to their new roles in healthcare institutions.

Our Process



We actively scout for outstanding nurses both domestically and globally, identifying those with requisite skills and a desire to advance their careers within the diverse U.S. healthcare landscape.



Screening and Verification

Rigorous evaluation of all candidates is undertaken, verifying educational backgrounds, professional certifications, field experience, and language proficiency. This ensures every candidate is aligned with U.S. nursing standards.



Interview and Selection

Post-screening, candidates undergo a series of interviews. We appraise not only technical expertise but also interpersonal skills, adaptability, and the overall potential to thrive within the dynamic U.S. healthcare system.



Relocation Support

We provide full assistance in the relocation process for our overseas candidates, taking care of logistics planning, housing arrangements, and offering guidance on the local culture and essential services setup.



Cultural Orientation and Training

For our international hires, comprehensive orientation programs help them navigate cultural nuances and adapt to U.S. healthcare practices. If required, additional language support is provided, ensuring effective communication within their new workplace.



Placement and Follow-up

After careful placement within our partner healthcare institutions, our support continues. Regular follow-ups help us address any issues promptly, providing necessary assistance as our nurses settle into their roles and contribute positively to their new environment.



For Nurses

We offer a variety of opportunities across numerous healthcare settings in the U.S., ranging from temporary assignments to permanent positions.

You must have a valid nursing degree, relevant field experience, and for our overseas candidates, sufficient English language proficiency. Specific requirements might vary based on the position and healthcare setting.

Our process includes application, screening, interviews, and for successful candidates, assistance with placement and (for international candidates) relocation.

While we facilitate the relocation process, we do not offer visa sponsorship. However, we do provide comprehensive guidance and resources to help you navigate this process.

We pride ourselves on providing ongoing support to all our nurses after placement. Whether it’s adjusting to a new role or seeking career advancement opportunities, we’re here to help.

For Institutes

We specialize in staffing registered nurses from both the U.S. and overseas who are qualified to work in various healthcare settings.

We conduct a rigorous screening process to verify credentials, work experience, and language proficiency. This ensures that our nurses meet the highest standards of the profession and are ready to provide excellent care from day one.

Our recruitment process includes thorough language proficiency testing. We only place nurses who have proven they can communicate effectively in English. In many cases, our nurses are multilingual, which can be a great asset in a multicultural patient setting.

The timeline for placement can vary based on the specific requirements of your institution and the nature of the vacancy. Please reach out to us directly to discuss your needs in more detail.

We offer both temporary and permanent placement services to meet the diverse needs of healthcare institutions.

About us

Nurse Network Pro is a leading healthcare staffing agency specializing in the recruitment of top-tier nursing professionals from both the United States and overseas. We are dedicated to facilitating the meeting point of unmatched talent and rewarding opportunities, delivering unparalleled value to healthcare institutions.

Our process involves a stringent screening and selection mechanism, ensuring that every nurse we place has a solid educational and experiential background, along with a deep-seated commitment to quality patient care. We also offer relocation support to our international recruits, simplifying their transition into the U.S. healthcare environment.

At Nurse Network Pro, we believe in fostering an ecosystem of excellence, where our healthcare partners benefit from the skills and dedication of experienced nurses, and where our nurses find fulfilling career paths that allow them to make a difference. Our goal is to enrich lives through effective, efficient healthcare staffing solutions, ensuring quality care for patients and rewarding careers for nurses.

Why Choose Us

Global and Local Expertise

Our expertise extends both locally and internationally. We have vast experience in staffing and relocation, guiding our nurses through the process and delivering top-tier candidates to healthcare institutions, no matter where they come from.

Vigorous Screening Process

We conduct a thorough and rigorous screening and selection process for all our candidates, whether they are from the U.S. or overseas. We ensure we recruit only the most qualified, experienced, and skilled nurses.

Multilingual Professionals

Our network includes multilingual nurses from both the U.S. and abroad, adding value to healthcare institutions looking to improve patient communication and care in a multicultural setting.

Relocation Assistance

Whether moving across states or from overseas, we provide comprehensive relocation assistance to make transitions smooth for our nurses.

Cultural Orientation and Training

For our international nurses, we offer comprehensive orientation programs to ensure they understand and can effectively navigate the cultural and professional landscape of U.S. healthcare.

Ongoing Support

We stay connected with our nurses after placement, providing continuous support as they settle into their roles and progress in their careers. We are their long-term partners and advocates.

Broad Network

We have established partnerships with an extensive range of healthcare providers across the U.S., providing our nurses with a wide array of placement opportunities.

Commitment to Quality Care

Above all, we share a deep commitment to improving healthcare services. By providing highly skilled, multilingual, and culturally competent nurses, we help improve patient experiences and health outcomes.

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